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Wrestling back control

What a long day! I look like I’ve got a tan, but I’m sure it’s dirt.

Things had started to get out of control in the garden over the past couple of weeks. The grass a has reached thigh height, because I was so determined to leave it for the wildlife in the spring. Weeds were also making the most of a couple of empty beds I’d spread manure on. The prime suspect, my nemesis, bind weed. I hate it; it’s everywhere and was starting to threaten my strawberries.

Task one was cutting the grass back with a hedge trimmer (only one cut cable!) and raking into piles. Also gave the hedge a trim now (I hope) there are fewer baby birds around.

Then to tackle the weeds, but because it’s bindweed, that meant being down on my hands and knees to pull out every piece I could see. Phew!

It’s not all been hard, though. I planted out my red Brussels sprouts, which I’m looking forward to so much! Accidentally have six of those, which wasn’t the plan. I also planted out the blue kale, purple sprouting broccoli and aubergines, plus courgettes in pots. This week the tomatoes need to go out and cucumbers need potting on to their big pots (without disturbing the roots of course).

I think I’m 3-4 weeks behind where I was last year, largely thanks to the weather, but also in part because I’m so busy at work. I may be completely blind from sweat and sun cream running into my eyes, it was nice to just be down the end of the garden, listening to Harry Potter!


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