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Tomatoes and other stories

This may not look pretty, but it’s the hottest and most sheltered part of the garden. We had so much success with tomatoes in this part of the garden last year that we’re having another go.

They’re definitely behind where they were last year, along with everything else in the garden. There are around 9-10 more in the greenhouse, that will go in after the weekend. I thought I’d been a labelling queen this year, but we still have several mystery tomatoes.

There was a bit of a mad dash to plant out as many things as possible before the rain came this evening. I’m away this weekend and I don’t want to come back to find everything has dried out in the greenhouse, while it’s been chucking it down outside. The gherkins, cucumbers, crystal apple cucumbers and cucamelons have all gone into big pots. Once I’m home, they’ll go back into the greenhouse. My plan is that they’ll be the last plants left in there and can wind their way around the shelves, which will support the fruits. The apples are also growing now – perhaps this will be the first year I pick them on time!

I also popped in the last of the sweet peas today. Way too late, of course, but they’re flowering already – I picked some for the house this evening. The courgettes went in their big pots, the strawberries are ripening and so are the gooseberries. The biggest issue of the evening is that the pigeons have decimated my red brussels’s sprouts and kale. Fingers crossed I can get some more going.

It’s all happening out there and I’m not quite on top of it (as usual)!


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