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Dinner from the garden

The ultimate allotmenteers pleasure finally arrived last night, as I picked the majority of our dinner from the garden.

Having realised that there was nothing in the cupboard, I managed to have a bit of a vegetable patch stir fry with some left over chicken from Sunday’s roast. You can see above the rainbow chard, which has done fantastically well over the past few weeks, along with peas (which are doing less well), atlas carrots, red spring onions and callaloo.

The red spring onions are my new favourite, which is really surprising because I don’t tend to like spring onions. These ones don’t have that strong burning oniony-ness (is that a word?), but with a really good flavour.

The callaloo, which is like Jamaican spinach, is something we’re really excited about. It needs to be planted out, but I fear it will fall prey to the pigeons (like my kale), so I need to get some more netting before I do. We’ve promised the Jamaican lady in Tesco we’ll bring her some if it grows!


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